What is an Abōd?

Inspired by one woman’s story, Abod Shelters are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, sustainable and easily customized. Plus, they can be built in one day!

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Village of the Future

Join a growing community of U.S. and worldwide partners taking action to improve housing for needy populations around the world.

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Not Just a Home

Abod Shelters can be used for more than just housing. We can build dorms, schools, media centers, libraries and tutoring centers.

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Partner with Us

Welcoming private or public corporations, organizations, or foundations worldwide to help deliver solutions for better housing and communities for needy families around the world.

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One Woman’s Story

Once upon a time, a chance meeting ignited a powerful purpose. On a trip to Soweta, South Africa, Doug Sharp, seasoned architect, experienced the extremes of poverty but was moved by the pride one woman showed in her shack.

The Difference a “Home” Makes in a Child’s Life


A home provides protection. Without the security of a home children are more vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.


A home is safe and free from hazards. Homeless children develop increased rates of acute and chronic health conditions


A home is a basic human right. A home supports emotional well-being which is linked to happiness and life satisfaction.


A home nurtures learning. The stress of a poor living situation can negatively affect development and the ability to learn.

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