Product FAQ’s

Our initial intent for the project is purely philanthropic. We are interested in using Abod to help solve the worldwide housing problems.

Currently our Abod’s are only manufactured in Africa

Yes. They are also being manufactured in South Africa and can be shipped to other locations in the world.

Shipping prices fluctuate all of the time depending on fuel prices and location. For shipping inquiries and ordering, please contact our South African Manufacturer.

Our ultimate goal is to have them manufactured locally in the countries that they are being built in. This will provide jobs and support the local economy as well as reduce the shipping and transportation costs.

They are not recommended in extremely cold climates as they are not cold rated. Our South African Manufacturers currently use an insulation that keep them cool in high temperature locations and warm in cooler areas.

Depending on how many are being manufactured at the time, it may take as little as 30 days or less to ship from our South African Manufacturer.

Product FAQ’s