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Gearing Up for New Design Reveal – Part 1

Greetings Abōd® Shelters Friends!

Ginny Shiverdecker, Executive Director

Kira Mann, Summer Intern, Abōd® Shelters

“Anywhere but Iowa State”. This was my response when I was younger about my future college plans. My hometown is Ames, Iowa, which is well known for Iowa State University (ISU). I wanted that feeling of excitement of going somewhere else, stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring something new. Just like everything else, once I made that plan it sure did change.

I decided on Graphic Design during high school and the ISU Design Program trapped me into loving my hometown even more. The challenge of the course load and the high expectations for creativity provided that excitement of ‘something new’ which I looked forward to exploring into the summer of 2017.

I was very lucky that a classmate directed me to Michelle at Abōd® Shelters Foundation, because I was instantly captivated with Abod’s vision and the new challenge of designing for a non-profit.

In high school, I followed my favorite teacher and a group of students to Uganda, Africa. While there for a month we fell in love with the people and the culture. We were put to work building student housing and educational buildings within the local community. Abōd® Shelters offers a solution to many of the obstacles I saw while in Uganda and is one of the reasons why I believe it is so important to raise awareness and visibility to the opportunities that a well-designed building can bring. In Uganda, it took us a full month to construct a single building. We left without seeing the roof attached.

Although solid, these buildings required heavy materials to be carried and wheeled to its proper location. The drying of the bricks, the mixing of the concrete, and the manpower to put it all together required many hands and many days. Abōd® Shelters offers an alternative to all of these issues. The shelters can be manufactured in large quantities, are easy to deliver and it only takes 4 – 5 people to assemble a unit in one day. Abōd® Shelters can create the same student housing and educational buildings in less time and less cost. This high-quality, thoughtfully designed and lasting structure can encourage so much positive change in that culture that is so easy to love.

This is what brought me to Abod and fueled the designs that will hopefully bring more patronage, funds, and interest to something that is so special.

The main focus for my internship with Abōd® Shelters for the summer was introducing new designs and styles to the online store. This is a place that anyone; individuals interested in doing good, volunteers and supporters can buy new gear while supporting the cause. With every item purchased from the store, $5 of the sale will be directly donated to Abōd® Shelters. This gave me a good reason to design something that will be worn!

While keeping with the same messaging from the previous designs, I introduced a bold, clean, and graphic look. I researched what styles students were wearing around campus and looks that other non-profit organizations found successful and then created designs that also tie back to Abod’s mission.

View the picture (right) for a sneak peak of one of my favorite designs.

  • “Realizing a dream of making the world a better place” is a re-occurring phrase used in Abōd® Shelter’s blogging, website, and social media posts. It is a great way to communicate to others the importance of the designed shelters.
  • There is a continued use of the color “Abod Orange” that is complimentarily paired with a bold blue.
  • The interesting typography is overlaid on an imagery of the world, Abod’s values and mission stretches internationally.

This shirt and many more can be bought on our online store starting Tuesday, August 15th. As if our grand re-opening can’t be any more exciting? Next week will also offer FREE SHIPPING. We’ll provide the details soon. While you’re checking out with your full cart, remember that $5 of every purchase is directly donated to Abōd® Shelters, with the addition of free shipping… there is no reason NOT to go check it out!

Stay tuned for Abōd® Shelters online store Grand Re-Opening next Tuesday and choose your NEW favorite design!

Kira Mann, pictured left, is a Junior at Iowa State University Majoring in Graphic Design. She came in to the West Des Moines, IA BSB Design, Inc. office this summer a couple days per week to help with Abod projects that included;

  • revamping online store including updating shirt designs which will be revealed and available starting next week,
  • designing graphics for social media
  • designing pages for online giving

For more information on Kira and her intern responsibilities with Abōd® Shelters be sure to read,  ‘Reaching Out To Universities For Interns: It’s A Win / Win’.

Abōd® Shelters, a registered 501©3 organization, are very interested in working with US and international organizations to leverage resources to provide homes to those in need.
You can get involved and help us build a sustainable Village of the Future using Abōd® Shelters through prayer, raising awareness and providing monetary support through partnership or become a Sponsor. For more information about ways to partner with us or becoming a sponsor, please mail your interest to

There are many options for private individuals, companies, schools, churches and other organizations to partner with us and make a real difference. Check out how to Partner With Us or simply connect to Ginny Shiverdecker at ginny@abodshelters.comYou may also donate to build an Abōd.

Gearing Up for New Design Reveal – Part 1