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In 2006, Doug Sharp put together a team of architects within BSB Design with one goal: design a sturdy home, with lightweight materials, that would be easy to ship and could be built in one day by one family. All this for as little money as possible.

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5 Abod Shelters Needed for Local School in Lusaka, Zambia

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After discovering that many of the local children did not attend school because they could not afford to, 2 American teachers founded RHO Appleseed School in Lukasa, Zambia in November 2011. The school now serves 130 children (and growing), 5 days a week and provides 2 meals per day for the children. Homes are needed for the school director, teachers and children and families in crisis. The goal is to build the homes in a community setting in July 2015 on school grounds.

We apologize that our website is not currently recording your donations. So far we have received $4000 from the public to support this project. Thanks for your continued support!

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We believe that safe, dependable shelter is the right of all people. If you share this belief, get involved! We invite you to help support the Abod® mission with a personal donation.  Or if you are a foundation, we welcome involvement at any level. Affordable Housing in the Developing World Foundation (AHDWF) is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Your donations to AHDWF are tax deductible.