About Us

In 2006, Doug Sharp put together a team of architects within BSB Design with one goal: design a sturdy home, with lightweight materials, that would be easy to ship and could be built in one day by one family. All this for as little money as possible.

Doug Sharp

Doug is Chairman of BSB Design and brainchild and founder of Abod. His management excellence has contributed to BSB remaining one of the top residential design firms in the country, and his passion for philanthropy is the real life force behind Abod.

Doug pioneered the conceptualization and realization of the Abod structure, and spearheaded the Abod test community site outside of Johannesburg. His mission to provide safe, sustainable and humane housing truly began in February of 2007 when he took on designing new dormitory housing for an orphanage in Barinas, Venezula while working with a church group from his native Des Moines, Iowa.

He’s eager to provide as many homes as possible to those in need.

Doug joined BSB Design in 1978. He currently serves as Chairman from the firm’s corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

Your donation will go to Abod Shelters Foundation which is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Your donations to Abod Shelters Foundation are tax deductible. Abod Shelters Foundation is dedicated to providing affordable housing wherever it is needed around the world and will use the funds collected by gifts and donations to advance this purpose.