Student Program



Shanna Cooper
Communications Director
College Students for Abod Shelters Worldwide

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”
-John Dewey

Shanna Cooper, a student at Michigan State University, personifies this statement in theory and practice. When Shanna saw, first hand, the squalid living conditions in the shanty towns of South Africa she was moved to learn how she could make a difference. Her solution, Abod Shelters. Shanna’s enthusiasm got her named the first Communications Director of College Students for Abod Shelters Worldwide. Shanna is dedicated to bringing the Abod Shelters story to all caring students around the globe. As Community Outreach Chair for the Sierra Club Student Coalition, Shanna knows how to engage communities through social media awareness building efforts, fund raising and developing fruitful partnerships. Now Shanna has taken on the mission of getting fellow students engaged, emboldened and empowered to grow the reach of Abod Shelters worldwide through Students for Abod Shelters Worldwide. Shanna sees this organization as a multi-faceted program that will unite students through events, newsletters, social media and other outreach programs that will help students make a difference.

Together with Shanna, college students around the globe can help build a
better tomorrow one house, one family one day at a time.

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