About Us

In 2006, Doug Sharp put together a team of architects within BSB Design with one goal: design a sturdy home, with lightweight materials, that would be easy to ship and could be built in one day by one family. All this for as little money as possible.


solution_abodThe benefits of Abod are easy to imagine. They spring forth from the structure’s innovation, interior, exterior and durability.


About Abod’s Innovations: • Compact and cost-effective to deliver. By truck, ship or plane, the lightweight home can be delivered onsite for quick and easy assembly. • Readily manufactured in large quantities. All components are made from stock materials. • Quick and simple to assemble. An entire single unit structure can be completed in one day by four people. •High-quality, enduring structure has a projected low cost via mass manufacturing.

About Abod’s interior • Easily personalized: Abod layouts can accommodate kitchen units, toilet/shower/bath units, cooking units, loft expansions, end walls, window-walls, small-business walls, unique door designs, overhangs, flooring choices, closet units, and much more. • Able to incorporate natural lighting. Accomplished by using a translucent plastic panel (with the same wave shape as the corrugated material). These translucent plastic panels can be used anywhere in the construction to allow for more natural light.

EXTERIOR About Abod’s exterior • A distinctive, nature-based, engineered shape. The Catenary Arch appears often in nature and was adopted here because it’s simple and structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. The curved shape of the arch has a far less rigid feel than a typical box-like structure, and even the basic 10’ wide x 12’ long unit has a surprising sense of open and inspiring roominess. The addition of add-on features, color, loft spaces, etc. creates a structure that is as warm, inviting and personalized as it is functional. • A design based on community. Abod is a structure envisioned to address the social need for organized community design including schools, safe play areas, a central water source, open cooking and gathering areas, and more. • Allows for easy expansion:Two or more Abod units can be connected together in various shapes to create a larger home structure.


About Abod’s durability • Secure and permanent yet easily moved: This is especially vital where land can only be leased, not owned. The Abod is designed so that if an owner doesn’t like where it was first placed, or has to move, they can quickly and easily disassemble, relocate, and reassemble the home. • Low fire risk: The Abod is comprised of primarily non-combustible materials, so the risk of fire is minimal. • Exceptionally load bearing: The Abod is designed to reflect the catenary arch which is the most stable form in nature. • Exceptional weather shielding: Integrated rain gutters direct water away from structure.