Village of the Future

ANNOUNCING – Open call for Sponsors to join “Abod Shelters Village of the Future” Global Campaign

Welcoming private or public corporations, organizations, foundations, or cities worldwide to help deliver solutions for better housing and communities for needy families around the world. Private or public organizations interested in being a sponsor, should contact

Why sponsor the Village of the Future Campaign?

  • Join a growing community of U.S., Canadian and partners worldwide taking action to improve housing for needy urban and rural populations around the world.
  • Gain visibility from the growing awareness of the campaign, through our events and while each community is being built locale-by-local, beginning with the model village planned in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What do sponsors commit to?

  • Becoming an official partner of the Village of the Future Campaign by contributing to, signing and supporting the “Manifesto for Future Change”– which unifies partners to move from talk to actively delivering real solutions for better housing and communities for the needy around the world.
  • Promoting their affiliation through their internal and external communications and activities.
  • Providing donations to the Abōd Shelters Foundation in support of the Village of the Future Campaign.
  • Depending on sponsorship level, sponsors are members of a steering committee, as either public or private entities, and attend corresponding committee meetings.
  • Actively participating in delivering a tangible building solution in the community, based on the Village Development Plan.

Our Ambassador Program

Our Celebrity Ambassadors are unified in support of our foundations’ purpose to democratize housing by expanding Abōd Shelters Village of the Future Models around the world. Together they:

  • See Abōd Shelters as a viable solution that can inspire a movement for change.
  • Desire to take action and show sustainable results.
  • Believe by joining forces, we can make a greater impact.

Partnership:  Volunteer their time and support; Advocate for proactive, positive change to media, industry influences and public.

Participation:  Raise awareness of need; Abōd Shelters is viable and deployable solution.

Advocate:  Invite and cultivate donors to partner and sponsor fans and public to give to build homes, villages and to volunteer on ambassador teams.


Each Ambassador champions a special area of the village that gives it a heartbeat of emotional and physical wellbeing for families.

Participation and Visibility

  • Depending on sponsorship level, sponsors may have the opportunity to send a pre-approved number of delegates to the project build destination for a first-hand experience.
  • Depending on sponsorship level, sponsors may become an integrated partner with Abōd Shelters in the planning and designing of the Villages of the Future community where healthcare, technology, sanitation, water, schools, kids play areas and marketplace solutions complete a holistic, livable solution locale-by-locale.
  • Sponsors can contribute materials, pre-approved by BSB Design, for the Village Development Plan.
  • Logo and/or name is featured on the sponsor page for the campaign on
  • Logo and/or name is featured on all campaign brochures and presentations.
  • Participation and contributions will be promoted at least four times are year through Abōd Shelters social media and newsletter.
  • Featured in the ‘Building of the Village of the Future’ video series.
  • Included in all media releases.
  • Invited to attend and participate in all events – additional contribution to specific events and activities will be promoted on the event calendar.
  • Included in all printed materials.
  • Receive exposure on a quarterly basis.
  • Featured on site signage while each community is being built.

Private or public organizations interested in being a sponsor, should contact

Village of the Future